About Us

Founded in 2017, RIS LONDON is an urban, contemporary fashion label established by two young and inspiring brothers.


RIS stands for REVENGE IS SWEET, which can be interpreted in many ways but only you as an individual determines what that slogan means to you. We, however, want it to inspire as it is integral that you believe in the attire you wear.


RIS LONDON understands that it is integral for you to sport attire that you can believe in, which is why we will always set out to deliver a product quality that is nothing but the best. This is a claim that has been backed up and supported by high profile sportsmen and social media influencers making it a brand that has already emerged to the forefront of urban culture, capturing the attention of many individuals.


Want to stand out from the crowd? RIS LONDON our bold, authentic logo will help you in achieving this goal with designs that are unmissable and unrivalled.


As well as inspiring the current and upcoming generations, RIS LONDON aims to deliver a unique and popular brand that will connect and unite individuals all around the globe. 


Here at RIS LONDON we want you to feel inspired when wearing our brand but it's very important to us a brand that it is affordable. Support us on our ever-expanding journey and we will promise to give you a first-class service and will continue to give you our customers the best quality.



‘the defeat of an opponent by whom one was beaten in previous encounters’

Let the end goal of your revenge be vengeance and victory.